The internet is a wild and wonderful place that we have come to love as a digital playground. It’s a busy one though. When trawling the net, viewer attention is up for grabs and we find that it really does take that tailored, specific design understanding to relate and stir interest.

Over time and application, NKDC has sharpened its darts, throwing bulls eyes in disciplines of web design such as cms, support, and browser compatibility. We have developed a range of services in the digital space, offering:

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • Website Design and Development

  • Mobile Application Design and Development

  • E-commerce solutions (both web and mobile)

  • Digital Marketing Services

  • Digital Point of Sale (POS) Strategy

  • Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEO, Google Adwords etc.)


NKDC makes life easy for your new or existing customers who are on the hunt for information. It is vital to have a website design that is welcoming and engaging, leaving customers wanting more. Though we may not be there to greet them when they walk in to your digital office, the use of spacious layouts and responsive design ensures that your brand and everything about it is accessible across all mobile devices – combining all you need on one website.

We know how to give you the full package – a flat out 10. NKDC incorporate appealing designs that are cohesive with your branding, ensuring you stand out from the endless stream of online companies. Using the latest web technology, we ensure your site is functional and accessible to anyone, anywhere.


In a medium as reactive as the internet, when change happens, it happens quickly. Thanks to the help of our digital marketing solutions, tons of traffic will pour through your site. We draw contingency options based on your future plans, making sure your online experience is adjustable, and always one step ahead.

NKDC has got the goods to make your digital life a dream. E-commerce online stores and WordPress blogs and sites are easy to maintain and manage, meaning you don’t have to be a scientist to work some magic.


Tie the knot, marry the lot and get your show on the road. NKDC’s digital marketing approach promotes the online presence you’ve worked so hard to build. It’s important to not bombard visitors, but to allow them in any way possible to come to you for information.

From e-newsletters, to promotional codes, to social media marketing, there is a mix that suits every need and budget. NKDC takes your brand offer and works to spread it as far and wide into your target audience as possible. We create awareness amongst fans and expose your brand to new followers, by giving your visitors exciting new information to share online and bring up at the dinner table.


Selling online is simple. The internet has quickly become a global shopping center, opening brands up to target audiences from all over. And why not when certain online mega stores have over 400 million users all signed up, ready to spend money on products they believe in.

NKDC can cut out a space for you online, where your niche can enjoy a personalized shopping experience. We impress customers with uncluttered, stylish lay outs that display your products or services in the best light.

The best part about it, is that you don’t need any technical knowhow. Now you can leave us to take care of your online store and marketing while you manage your stock.