The quality of your imagery is once again an extension of your brand. With access to the sharpest shooters on the block, we are able to style photo shoots according to your image. Great photography can be used to portray your brand as professional, exciting, or even cheeky.

With research and our understanding of trends, added with some secret ingredients, NKDC can cater for any of your photographic needs. These include:


Create an image that defines a moment, and holds the highest hopes for advertisements, merchandise, and product placements. We’ll help you expand your mind and explore all the possibilities to make it amazing.

Your company needs great imagery that is captivating and sticks in the mind of the consumer. Our photography will ensure you get the shots that communicate your message, sell products and promote your business.


Fashion is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Without the proper know-how and eye for detail in shooting fashion, it can be impossible for brands to become established. We get it, and know how to shape a shoot to best highlight your products.

For clients who specialise in clothing or accessories, wrap all your photography needs into one neat package with the strategic thoughtfulness of commercial photography with the option of carrying the level of quality over into editorials.


Editorial photography requires an eye for the unknown. Introduce a sense of intrigue and exploration in your imagery, with thoughtful and conceptual photo shoots. The purpose of editorial imagery is to compliment your text and your brand, and take it to the next level. NKDC strive to produce shots that set you miles ahead of your competitor. If you have an idea, run it past us, we’re not shy.


Great imagery is key to selling any product, whatever its value. This requires a natural ability to highlight the beauty in any product, simple or intricate in its detail. Our appreciation and understanding of technical constraints in print products, along with knowledge of lighting and environmental components, allow us to emphasise a products true potential.

Sometimes to capture an image just the way you want, it has to be done indoors in a controlled environment where photographers get technical. NKDC have a host of studios geared and ready to book, with a team of professionals waiting to make your brand known.