With honed skills across various mediums, NKDC provide premium graphic design services for both on and offline channels.

The success of a brand and its messaging is heavily weighted on its supporting visual communications. Our expert graphic designers work with brands to develop and provide solutions for annual reports, marketing presentations, poster and flyers design, packaging, merchandise and  corporate style guides.

Our Gold Coast graphic design studio is well equiped to take on your design challenge, book a consultation with our creative director now.


Explore the print medium with us, and find a way on to your customers’ desks, bookshelves, wallets and memory bank. A little bit of substance goes a long way, especially when customers can fold you up, put you in their pockets and take your brand home.

NKDC provides a range of promotional print and packaging options that avoids confusing design and information overloads. Through concise layouts that clearly communicate your brand messaging, we strip the design back to create print products that positively influences and impacts a customer’s idea of your brand. We’re talking the difference between a polo shirt and a tux at your own company ball.

Give us the keys to cleverly put to use the likes of promotional packaging, brochures, flyers, posters, magazines, or any other form you’d like to ask us about, and all of a sudden print is looking better than ever.


From the moment a customer sets a digital footstep into your door, they should be happy to be there. NKDC produces web design that is easily digestible and emphasises the need to know facets of your brand, grasping attention and demanding action.

It’s a glorious, perpetual song and dance, to which we apply our deeper understanding of this particular tango. We design websites that capture customers who are keen to know more by offering options to get in touch, or be included in your database and receive updates, news or other information. At the same time, allowing those who are willing to put their trust in your hands right now, the clear option to make a purchase or an order.

In a digital world that is continually evolving as new mobile devices role out each year, it is important to be prepared. You need to be able to fit the mould according to how your customers consume media online. NKDC’s use of custom design and our knowledge in responsive design and all forms of coding, means that your business is open for service and ready to welcome customers 24/7, no matter what device they’re using.